You're Kidding...right?
Well crap! Just found out Salem is over. Three seasons and that's it. What a bummer to find out while watching season 2 on Netflix.

This so sucks.

In other news finished Wolves of Midwinter, sadly another let down.

Big Nor' Easter on its way, sucks too.

Just a sucky Saturday. :(

Slow Sunday Morning Reading
mug of coffee/tea
velvetamethyst usual I have hit a rather tedious part in Wolves of Midwinter. Pushed myself through chapter 19 and the whole Christmas extravaganza. Whenever I read one of her books there is always that moment where I wonder - did she forget she was writing about monsters? The writing itself in a nutshell is excellent, her descriptive attention to detail is stunning but needless to say, and quite honestly, boring.

I made the decision this morning that I will probably pick something by another author for my next read just to clear my brain for a bit.

Hopefully I can finish this book this week.

Very excited for "FEUD" tonight. I was so thrilled when I saw that it airs at ten. Hopefully The Walking Dead won't run over an hour, if it does I'll have to catch FEUD tomorrow after work tomorrow and that always sucks. Absolutely love Jessica Lange and so excited to see her on tv again!!!!

This exciting!! (For me anyway)
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Saw this on FB

I am totally EXCITED!! I LOVED the book Ramases the Damned/The Mummy. I've always hoped she would continue with this story and now - god I don't even know how many years later - HA SHE IS! AND a calaboration with her son.


Never Judge a Book by it's Author
mug of coffee/tea
Well I have to say - I am liking The Wolves of Midwinter probably much more than The Wolf Gift. I was more than likely being pissy at the time because AR didn't jump right back into the vampires. After spending my morning reading four chapters I can't help but wonder if she will continue this series. She should but I believe, although I'm not quite sure, she's pretty much immersed in her science fiction twist on the v Chronicles.

So pretty much is my Saturday reading and nursing this slight sinus headache. Gotta feeling my spring allergies are kicking in.

Entry today short and sweet.

Wolves of Midwinter-The Wolf Gift Chronicles
Started this book by Anne Rice this morning. About an hour ago with my second cup of steamy tea. God I love it when my tea is hot!! Gets cold so fast.

Thank god AR put a little explanation of the first book. I was afraid I would have to start from the beginning and dig out The Wolf Gift. Bad enough I had to dig this one out!

So that's what I'll be doing today, reading as the snow falls outside. Yep another snowstorm and this one sounds like a doozy. 10 to 14 inches and another possible storm for Thursday into Friday!

Thank God for books!!

Hopefully my tv will not get knocked out from the snow. Can't miss the Walking Dead mid season premiere tonight! So excited to see Rick back to being Rick!!

Well I'm off to cuddle up with some wolves.

One More Down!
Finished another Rice book this morning! Of Love and Evil. Relatively a short one so it was a quick read! YES!*fist pump*

Surprisingly enough I actually enjoyed the second more than the first Angel Time. Weird I know! I've been sitting here sipping my tea contemplating - will she continue this series since she fell off the Catholic holy roller thing, or will it just fall to the wayside now that she is more interested in an alien concept than an angel concept. Hm, contemplations. Myself, I prefer the angel concept and the struggle with good and evil on a higher plain of existence than the outer space science fiction thing. Kinda wish she went the Angel route with Lestat but ... that's just me. *sigh* Just makes more sense to me - demons, Devils, hellfire, angels, heaven, with vampires than oh, they originate from outer space.

Still not loving the Toby name though. The name *Toby* makes me think of Toby from The Paranormal Activity series, Toby McGuire, and it's more of a pets name. Just a little irksome.

But all and all I quite enjoyed that little book. *smiles* Might even make for a good tv series.

So now I am onto another. Just haven't decided whether it will be a Rice book or not. I pulled *The Wolves of Midwinter* out of the TBR pile last night. I've had it for awhile just never bothered with it. *Feast of All Saints* was right underneath it but ... I don't know about tackling that one yet although I should since it has nothing supernatural about it, I think.

Anyway reading is keeping me away from the news. Can't take anymore of that sad situation. Reading and movie. Caught up on some books I read that were turned into movies. DARK PLACES and ROOM. Even the last one in the Paranormal Activity serried ghost something. I don't know that PA series is getting a little stale. The ending is always the same.

Well...that's the news so far.

Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis (Yeah I read it)
Lestat fuck that is funny
This book reads like sci fI. Not a big fan of science fiction and this is really BAD science fiction.

Lestat just … doesn't read like Lestat! And the Prince and the court crap…come on, come on!

On Kapetria’s story I had to put the book down, pinching the bridge of my nose and shaking my head trying to ward off the impending headache. I wish I was the type of reader that could fly right through a book in a night or week but alas, I am not and this is torturous for me. I am so disappointed that the old romantic mythology of the vampires is gone and this science fiction babble has replaced it.

So obviously, I picked the book up again. Coming into the last few chapters to finish. There are a few things that have utterly plagued me through this book, minor but still little annoyances.

First – the crypt and coffin thing, actually that bothered me in the last Prince Lestat as well, because I know they preferred in modern times to sleep in beds with windows blacked out or the rooms with the least amount of sun. Remember Lestat sleeping in Queenie’s room in Blackwood or Canticle? One of those two which at some point here those two hybrid books must still have some relevance since Mona and Quinn were killed or might be dead. Frankly I prefer Mona & Tarquinn to Viktor and Rose. Something about Viktor and Rose that just utterly annoys me. I feel Rose is really just a young adult replacement for Claudia and The whole story of how Viktor came to be is just rubbish.

Second – Lestat is supposed to be the strongest, not only in the blood but in physical strength as well, out of all the other vampires and I believe just a tad stronger than Marius. So this Roshamedes can restrain Lestat all on his own? No, I stand corrected, Lestat, Thorne, and Cyril. A longer fight scene would have been more authentic with perhaps Amel stepping in and forcing his will on Lestat's physical strength instead of Lestat pleading for Rosh not to hurt the other two. Wimp factor.

Third – Lestat wakes up a bit too early for me from this operation where Amel is cut from his brain. Why were we not allowed to read about the panic the other vampires felt and were thinking in Lestat's absence? Build a little tension in the ending – will they wait to see if he is alive by returning or will they plot revenge for his death. The ending was just far too quick and typical of Rice to have Amel show up and be beautiful confessing his love for Lestat, BIG OLE YAWN.

In all honesty I knew from the beginning this book was not going to be a page turner for me. I mainly read Rice I suppose out of loyalty but more so out of my love for the older books in the series, the younger in the blood sarcastic Lestat. I hope he returns at some point offering up a few of those chuckles he would give me, just for old times’ sake. Ah, the good ole days gathered around the hearth…

Any way with the 13th book in the series marked as read I have decided that this will be the year, 2017, I read and finish all the Rice books I've collected over the years. Feat of Saints, Of Love and Evil, The Wolf Gift 2, Vittorio, The Taltos series and The Witching Hour. Not one right after the other, that much Rice saturation – who knows what could happen to my brain.

Looks Like We Made It....
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So made it through 2016!! Happy New Year!!

December was rough for me. Christmas was a pain in the arse because not a soul would tell me what they wanted and the shopping where I live sucks. I have to drive two hours to another city or to a completely different state just to get a damn shirt or pair of jeans. Most of the stores have gone out of business or closed locations for lack of business, now we are running on two department stores. The mall is a joke, Old Navy is really the only store and there was nothing, and I mean nothing in there that any one in my tribe would wear. Christmas eek gads I was glad to see it go. Also in December at two heath issues, one was work related and caused by work, two was a put off because of a certain co-worker. I had to cancel and appointment I had made when they decided to take time off in the fall, so stupid me tried to think I could manage and put it off until after the holidays but noooo.....
It hit me big time with a nasty infection and I felt like shit. Got it all taken care of and thank god I am on the mend in 2017.

2017 the year I am not going to be taken advantage of anymore but certain individuals. My new years resolution and I am sticking to it. I am getting too old to cover for people and pick up their slack. If you don't want to work and go have fun all the time then quit and let someone who actually wants a job have yours, you selfish piece of crap. And no more trying to please everyone. I learned my lesson at Christmas, it cannot be done, it just can't. Although no one was unhappy I stressed over it, no more this year.

It is what it is, that's it. I will only be concerned with me and my tribe. About time I got selfish. I never have been and that's a big problem. Not that I am a pushover. I am not. Certain individuals have been very misleading about how they actually are compared to the persona they would like you to believe and I see through the bullshit. Calling ya on it now.

Well...I delved into Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis last night. Yep got it for a Christmas gift. Read the first chapter and ... -sigh- I don't know what to think. I have stayed away from reviews, I haven't read a single one, haven't even looked on the FB page I swear. I can see an element I am not to fond of already in the first chapter but I am trying to keep an open mind, not be to judgmental. So I am going to try and stick with it. Just have to see how it goes. Haha wish me luck and hope I recover from this one. LOL!!!

Once again, Happy New Year! May it prove to be a year of great things for you!

Change is Inevitable
Every time I come back here that song - it's been a while - starts in my head. Rightly so, it has been a while since I've posted anything here and even ask myself now why I am even bothering. Seems everyone has a different form of communication now. I guess it's the die hards or those who just like to write their thoughts down that remain.

Wow, so much has gone on in such a short amount of time, I don't know where to begin. So I'll just begin. My youngest left home at 18 moved 2 states a way. My oldest met a girl and after only knowing each other for a couple of months are now living together in an apartment 2 towns over. My manager left so we have been pretty much bossless although through the grapevine I heard someone has been hired for the position. Glenn and Abraham fell victim to Negan on the Walkng Dead. My beloved American Horror Story was just awful this year. We have a new President...-sigh-

Although some things change some things remain habitually consistent. Thanksgiving is just a few days away and I am sick with a sinus infection, cough, cold thing. Never fails.

I'm sipping green tea and honey because I read that they both have antibacterial properties and just might get this bug out of my system reflecting on the least few months. I know my youngest leaving home jolted me. I wasn't expecting it to be so soon and I cried quite a bit bringing down my immune system. We're spending the holiday with family so I don't have to cook on the actual day of Thanksgiving but we will be having turkey day for my small brood on Sunday.

There's a strangeness that comes when your children leave the nest. There's an eerie quiet in the house, an emptiness. It's easy to describe but hard to explain. I could reverse that sentence too, hard to describe easy to explain but not really, especially to those who have no children or who do and have not reached that stage in life yet. I could go quite detailed into this but not right now for fear of depressing myself therefore making my cold worse. I'm sure I will type the feelings and sorted details out in future entries but today ... I just want to focus on getting rid of this damn cold!!

So ... Happy Thanksgiving to you all, feast and be merry!!

AND - Happy, Happy Birthday to Mercy_me66!! I did not forget ;)

And Finally it's Fall
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Well pretty close to it anyway. The other day on my way to work I noticed the leaves on the bigger trees were already turning. We haven't had much rain so the leaves will more than likely turn early. I am ready for it. I am so tired of this hot and humid weather. Especially at work. It is already hot with no air flow in the damn place but when the hot muggy weather hits it is pure hell. And I see after this lovely wonderful cool down the heat returns. I need a new job. I am already looking but offering are pretty scarce. Depressing.

Depressing to always feel stuck in life. Always have to claw your way up.

On the upside, I decided to watch Netflix last night. Haven't watched it since the beginning of August I think, Stranger Things and a couple of horror movies. Anyway I am watching SALEM season 2. I love this show! I can honestly say it lifted my spirit after loosing Penny Dreadful. I am halfway through season 2 and I went looking on the net to see if there was going to be a season 3 and THERE IS! I do not get WGN from my cable company so I have to wait until they add the next season to NF. I was so content last night and through about 3 episodes I had the place to myself so it was nice and quiet. Now today I am trying to decide if I should binge right through this weekend or save it for next Saturday. I don't know it's that damn good! I am even debating watching Penny Dreadful from start to finish but I don't know still pissed about it ending.

In other fangirl watching news. I have dumped Fear the Walkng Dead. I watched the first two episodes of this season and I just can't go with it. The first episode with Nick walking, walkng, walking and that dudes hair? What the hell is up with his hair? Put a freaking comb through it once in a while the frigging grunge era came and went brush your hair!!! Second episode sub titles and the bar scene. Making noise deliberately when you know it attracts walkers is just stupid and poor writing. I am half asleep fighting to stay awake to watch this lame show and you throw subtitles at me, you really expect me to read? Screw that! Fear the Walking Dead is just not the same quality show as The Walkng Dead. I will stick with the original thank you very much.


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